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Friday, September 28, 2007

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September 27, 2007
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Ann Wilson "Breathes New Life" (Seattle PI) Into Rock Standards On
Hope & Glory

After more than thirty years as the pioneering lead vocalist of Heart,
Ann Wilson breaks out with her solo debut Hope Glory (Zoƫ/Rounder).
The record features iconic artists like Elton John, Gretchen Wilson,
Alison Krauss and Rufus Wainwright accompanying Wilson on socially
conscious songs by Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Neil Young
and others.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer calls her reinterpretation of these
thought-provoking protest anthems "mindful of the original yet
distinctive enough for Wilson to claim herself." No Depression says
"Wilson's voice still turns lullaby sweet and hammer-of-the-gods

Read more rave reviews for Hope Glory and Ann Wilson's incredible
artistry and ground-breaking influence:

"Ann's got great songs to wrap that great voice around and the result
is just a record that really blows people's minds. And for a vocalist
to be wowing us 30 years after we first heard her, is
something...There is no one better than Ann Wilson."
- David Wild, Rolling Stone, Contributing Editor

"Heart is so singular, and we forgot how many women have really made
an impact on mainstream rock...hard rock, you can count them on one
hand, and Ann Wilson is No.1, along with Janis Joplin. It's that
voice; that clean, clear tone."
-Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times (CA), Pop Music Critic

"Her voice is a perfect fit for every contemporary standard she chose.
This record should silence and amaze critics who think she can't excel
beyond belting out "Barracuda."
Travis Hay, Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA), 9.10.07

"Wilson- whose throaty wail was often likened to Led Zeppelin -
tackles Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" complete with undulating chorus."
- Stephanie Schorow, Boston Globe (MA), 9.11.07

"(Wilson) is still one of the best female rock singers, her voice
pitch-perfect and crystal clear as she rockets from throaty growl to
piercing howl."
-Joanna Horowitz, Seattle Times (WA), 8.24.07

"Her voice sets off a series of memories that pass through your mind
like a bullet train...Wilson's command of hard rock - set the standard
for a generation of female singers."
- Nicole Brodeur, Seattle Times (WA), 9.11.07

"Ann Wilson provides smarter, more precise commentary on 'Hope Glory,'
her first solo effort. It's a stirring collection of covers"
-Joey Guerra, Houston Chronicle (TX), 9.10.07

"Wilson's voice can be quite expressive, whether it's in a power
ballad mode or, better yet, pulled back to reveal a smoky, understated
-Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel (FL), 9.9.07

For more information on Ann Wilson please contact Diana D'Angelo at
Shore Fire Media, 718.522.7171 or or Jennifer
Sacca at Rounder Records, 617.218.4503 or

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